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Forex ffcal indicator, forex strategy scalper PS- I should mention I have some other indis used for filtering exits (just did not want to complicate the matter) and my current eas I use with manual confirmation. The settings you mentioned refere to FFCal indicator which can prevent trades during news periods. Thanks again Xux Good point cspip and way ahead of ya. Now if we could only SEO a hot selling product to get a ranking that fast! The accelerator oscillator could also qualify as it can change color within a bar. Functions of forex market ppt. forex cal analysis eur padomnieki. motorola solutions stock options. usforex exchange rate.

WARNING <u>FFCAL</u> News <u>Indicator</u> is down

WARNING FFCAL News Indicator is down Trading is using Currency Strenght (Buy/Sell Ratio) and Bid Ratio. The rules differed a bit from time to time, so i took the basics. It is confirmed that the data source for FFCAL news indicator is down. XML file was not updated this week. If your EA uses FFCAL indicator, it will not work.

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FFcal - Plot News indicator @ Forex Factory Forum This is my best attempt to make the installation and use of the Plot_News indicator as user-friendly as possible. -- Monzulu's amended Wingdings font - see here for more information. , that allows news to be printed as text instead of, or in addition to, the numbered symbols. ZIP archive file included in the install ZIP now contains all news events from 1/1/2006 thru 1/30/2009. [email protected] file in the ZIP file below contains a complete archive of the FF calendar (9,314 news events) from 1/1/2006 thru 01/30/2009. Make absolutely certain that you have this correct, as it will delete all news events in your existing Event History database, and replace them with those, that fall within the same date range, from the import file. The Plot_External_Data. indicator, which allows economic indicators from FFcal. EXE's Events History database and other non-cal, or non-forex.

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